Science Mom: Genetically Modified Food Is Still Just Food

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Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, make up a fairly small percentage of our food, but a huge majority of the concern-trolling and hand-wringing we do about our food. The main places you’ll find genetic modification at play is in sugar, soybeans, cotton, and corn (so vegetarians with a sweet tooth, look out). If you’re not sure what to think about GMOs being in your food supply, don’t worry: Science Mom is here with a Choose-Your-Own Adventure to let you explore the science of genetically modified foods. Start with question #1 below and jump to the page number you’re directed; all endings are located on the very last page. ABSOLUTELY NO PEEKING AHEAD!

1. To start off with, how do you feel about GMOs?

  • They’re delicious and I adore them unequivocally. You probably don’t need to read this article. Have a nice day, and enjoy your Chipotle and Cheerios!
  • I’m a little concerned/I’m unsure. You’re in the right place! Please continue to question 2.
  • GMOs are part of the CIA’s plan for setting up mind control on the American population. You also can skip this article–not because you’re right, but because I don’t want to argue with anyone who endorses this line of thinking.

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