10 Reasons I Love Birth Control For Teens – Illustrated By Adorable Puppies

shutterstock_82002979I love birth control. Birth control is the absolute best. I believe any teen who even makes a vague pondering about birth control should be immediately put on it, because if a teen is questioning you about birth control they are basically saying just as an FYI, I’m planning on boning in a Dodge parked behind the 7-11 so you should probably help me take precautions against an unwanted pregnancy. No one wants to think about their kid being sexually active – gross. Some parents would love to live in a happy sparkle fairy land where we raise our kids to get fabulous educations, find wonderful careers that are emotionally and financially fulfilling to them, fall madly in love with someone, get married, and then and only then engage in sexual intercourse. These parents need to come see me in about a year so I can congratulate them and call them grandma. I am choosing to use adorable puppies to illustrate my reasons why, because using stock photos of happy teens is lame. And before anyone asks, yes, I also believe in birth control for adorable animals, so please get your pets spayed or neutered.

Here are ten reasons why I love birth control, in honor of Bedsider Birth Control Support Network‘s Thanks Birth Control campaign today.

 The U.S. Teen Birth Rate Has Dropped 52% Over The Past 21 Years

(Image: MrGarry/shutterstock)
(Image: MrGarry/shutterstock)

That’s great news, and I’m sure it can be attributed to teens having access to birth control and using it when they are having sex.

   9 Out Of 10 Single Young Adults 18-29 Are Sexually Active; About Half Of High School-Age Teens Are Sexually Active.

(Image: Waldemar Dabrowski/shutterstock)
(Image: Waldemar Dabrowski/shutterstock)

If this many young people are doing the nasty, the best way to help them not have an unplanned pregnancy is making sure they have access to birth control.

Only About 50 Percent Of Teen Mothers Receive A High School Diploma By 22 Years Of Age 

(Image: Civolani Stefano/shutterstock)

Do you know what would have prevented girls from getting pregnant and not graduating? Birth control.

By the Time They Are 19, Seven Out Of Ten Teens Have Had Sex 

(Image: Antonio Gravante/shutterstock)
(Image: Antonio Gravante/shutterstock)

That’s a whole lot of teenagers having sex. And they need birth control.

LGBTQ Teens Also Need Birth Control

(Image:  otsphoto/shutterstock)
(Image: otsphoto/shutterstock)

According to Impact Program, a major reason that lesbian and bisexual youth are less likely to use birth control is that sexual education that is directed toward them rarely emphasizes the need for birth control.Our LGBTQ teens also need access to birth control and birth control education.

Teen Pregnancies Are Highest In Abstinence Only States

(Image:  By Glamstyle/shutterstock)
(Image: By Glamstyle/shutterstock)

According to Think Progress, 37 states require sex education that includes abstinence, 26 of which require that abstinence be stressed as the best method. Additionally, research shows that abstinence-only strategies could deter contraceptive use among teenagers, thus increasing their risk of unintended pregnancy. All stressing abstinence over proper birth control usage does is result in more teen pregnancies.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Said In A Statement Released This Week Sexually Active Teenagers Should Have Access To Free Or Low-Cost Condoms.

(Image: dezi/shutterstock)
(Image: dezi/shutterstock)

such as in pediatricians’ offices and schools. The statement also said parents need to discuss condom use and prevention of STIs with their adolescent children.

 Between 30 And 44 Percent Of Teen Mothers Were Victims Of Rape Or Attempted Rape

(Image:  chalabala/shutterstock)
(Image: chalabala/shutterstock)

No parent wants to consider their teen becoming a victim of sexual violence, but the  sad fact is, it does happen. According to American Progress Org, an estimated 60 percent of teen girls’ first pregnancies are preceded by experiences of molestation, rape, or attempted rape.

 Nearly One In Five Sexually Active Boys Report That They’ve Never Heard Anything About Condoms Or Contraceptives.

(Image: dogboxstudio/shutterstock)
(Image: dogboxstudio/shutterstock)

From their parents, teachers or doctors. Birth control needs to also be discussed with your sons. Unplanned teen pregnancy doesn’t just affect girls.

All It Takes Is One Time  

(Image: Ska_Zka/shutterstock)
(Image: Ska_Zka/shutterstock)

When I made the choice to become a parent, one of my responsibilities was and is to keep my kids safe. No matter how old they are. I’m never going to be one of those arrogant parents who think oh my kid will never have premarital sex. I’m not thrilled with the idea of my kids having sex as teenagers, but I’m not naive enough to believe that no matter how much I tell them they should only have sex when they are emotionally, financially and mature enough to handle an unplanned pregnancy that will happen. Teens have sex. Birth control, when used effectively, protects against an unwanted pregnancy. I’d rather put my daughter on the pill and hand out condoms to my kids when they are teens they have them become a parent before they are ready.

(Statistics: CDC, Planned Parenthood, Bedsider.org)

(Image:  Viorel Sima/shutterstock)

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