A Teenage Gunman Horrifically Kills His Entire Family, But Don’t Worry, The Internet Is On The Case

shutterstock_87204565On Saturday night, Nehemiah Griego allegedly shot his parents and three young children in the family home located in a rural area southwest of downtown Albuquerque. Griego was arrested Sunday and charged with murder and three counts of child abuse resulting in death. One of the people killed, Griego’s father, was a chaplain for the fire department and worked with several prison ministries.

It’s a horrific crime and we don’t know all of the details yet. Just that two adults and three children are dead. But that hasn’t stopped the Internet from offering their own armchair theories and opinions on this case and what exactly resulted in the deaths of five people.

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I agree that reading to kids and telling them that you love them is an excellent idea, but not every kid with a cell phone decides to kill their family.

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This is totally sexist and unfounded and we should keep guns away from all kids, not just boys.

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Here we go with the beloved “violent video game” excuse, and then to suggest kids kill their parents for taking away their electronic devices and one day grow up to own a gun and then shoot their parents for something that happened when they were a teenager is pretty absurd. I am not sure anyone could hold on to anger over an iPod for ten years.

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This person suggests cable TV causes kids to go on killing sprees, just like people who used to blame heavy metal music on murders.

I think debates about gun laws and the NRA and gun safety are always a good thing to discuss, but I can’t help but wince that these are the majority of comments, and rarely do you see sympathy or sadness expressed at the fact that not only are two adults dead, but three little kids as well. We don’t know what caused Griego to kill all these people, but before we start blaming it on TV or the theory that his parents didn’t read to him enough, can’t we just express a tiny amount of sympathy for the family? Especially considering a nine-year-old, a five-year-old and a two-year-old are all dead.

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