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13-Year-Old-Girl Boob Shamed By School District Full Of Morons After Being Sexually Harassed By Classmates

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shutterstock_98359094If you are a lady person reading this, chances are you might have breasts. Or at one point you did have breasts. Some women don’t have both breasts due to breast cancer, which is a totally different subject. My point is, some of you have breasts and I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with your breasts. I don’t care if they are small or big or droopy or different sized. Your breasts are totally great and wonderful and no one should ever tease or mock you for however your rack looks, but someone should have told the Riverview Gardens School District of St. Louis this before they gently suggested a young lady get a breast reduction to stem the bullying and sexual harrasment she has received due to her breast size.

Now, I’m not an educator, but I love teachers, especially the good ones, and just as a human person who is not an educator I would think that the correct response to the bullying of a girl due to breast size would be to maybe address the bullying issue, and not suggest a young girl get a dangerous elective surgery that can cost $7,000. But that’s just me! Don’t ask me, I don’t make the rules! No one here but us non-body-shaming chickens who think that a girl should have to get surgery just so she isn’t teased!

From our pals at The Daily Mail:

A Missouri mother was shocked to hear an official at her daughter’s school district suggest that the 13-year-old get a breast reduction surgery to stop other classmates from bullying her.

Tammie Jackson, of Moline Acres in the suburbs of St Louis, said that her daughter, Gabrielle, has been sexually harassed by fellow classmates at Central Middle School because of her large breasts.

When the mother called the Riverview Gardens School District to complain about the bullying, she was shocked by the advice she has received.

According to Jackson, a  district representative told her that while her 13-year-old daughter could be transferred to another school, her breasts are so large that she will always be teased. ‘It makes me feel like now you are telling me it’s my fault, it’s God’s fault the way he made her,’ Jackson said.


Yeah Tammie, what were you thinking giving birth to a daughter with ample breasts? Didn’t you know that by having this daughter who would one day have a large chest that you would be subjecting her to bullying and teasing when she was older? Sheesh, talk about bad parenting. Next time, make sure your girl daughters are all a respectable size that will never be teased, which is no size. Girls will always be teased for their breast size no matter what size they are, so why not instead of telling Tammie to get her daughter surgery, they tell her classmates to stop being such raging body-shaming assholes?

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