5 WTF Parenting Forum Responses

wtf kittyParenting forums can be a not so kind place for mothers and fathers looking for support. While contemporary parents are more plugged in than ever and have access to a huge community of tips, advice, and product recommendations, some of those community members can be kind of lame. More to the point, they can be the most non-helpful, what turnip truck did you just fall off, because are you serious with this crap kind of people you have ever encountered.

The following screen captions are all from parenting forums, and include both the original posting that began the thread and a WTF-worthy response from the comments.

1. Your baby will make you happy


yourbbabymakes you happy

You know what puts me in a good mood? “Talking” to someone with a one-word vocabulary.

2. “Need” an abortion?


needtohaveboartionI don’t know what your brain means when you say “what does that mean?”

3. TV replaces parents


tvvocabularyLet’s not kid ourselves here. While kids can totally learn new words from the those educational “Let’s all spell out the word dog” shows, using a TV specifically as a replacement for talking with kids seems rather concerning. When you do a load of laundry, sort through some emails, do grownup stuff, sure –it’s a distraction. But a vocabulary booster? Random lady on the parenting forum says YES.

4. Measles conspiracy



STORY PLANT to make you buy into vaccinations. MUAHAHAHAHAH!

5. Doctor says my kid could die but whateves


could dieTrying to pull a fast one on me with my kid’s health? Nice try, DOCTOR.

(photo: zaraki.kenpachi)

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