10 More Mommy Words That Mommyish Readers Hate

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You already know the top 10 mommy words that color the mommy blogosphere that I personally hate. But the Mommyish community has spoken — or rather  fiercely hate commented — and it seems that are even more mommy words that everyone hates. According to Mommyish readers, we really need to start compiling a dictionary.

1. “Babymoon”

couple beach

Turns out I’m not the only one who finds marketing a vacation while pregnant with a savvy, sellable term nauseating. Good to know.

(photo:  *michael sweet*)

2. “Preggers”


Ditch the “pregs” and “prego,” too.

(photo: cloudwear)

3. “Sexy Mama/ Hot Mama”

sexxy mama

How about this. You’re all such hot and sexy mothers that we don’t even need to use this term. Ever.

(photo: pokoroto)

4. “Baby Bump”

baby bump

While the term is pretty loathsome on its own, the use by tabloids has essentially given rise to a cornucopia of “Bump Watch!” “Bump Time!” “Look At That Bump” permission to scrutinize lady bodies. Double lame-itude points to this one.

(photo: Deelila)

5. “DH,DD,DS, OH, LO”

mom with baby and tablet

For mothers and fathers who frequent parenting forums, plenty of you are not down with the shorthand. NOTED.

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6. “Free Spirits”


According to my comment thread sleuthing, this term tends to fly up in a lot Facebook newsfeeds with regard to unstructured play. Your kid doesn’t like rules and keeps you at the playground digging in the sandbox for five hours? What a “free spirit”! We already have shorthand for this. It’s called being a brat.

7. “Tiger Stripes”


It’s already been established that I am not for “post-baby” “pre-body” constructions, but believe me, I’d much rather have all you ladies talking about your “tiger stripes” than your “mummy tummy.” But survey says Mommyish readers are not on board. Throw me some alternatives in the comment thread.

8. “Nursies”


This one is new on me, perhaps procured from the depths of parenting forums when mothers describe giving their baby some boob time. I get the annoyance and you will never find this word in any of my pieces. Unless I’m making fun of it.

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9. *Hugs*


The Mommyish crowd isn’t against the physical action, or even writing “hug.” No, no, they are against *hugs* or (hugz) or ::hugs::, otherwise known as the comment thread shorthand for “this is way shitty what is happening to you and I want to show my condolences and support as a reader.” The funny this, you could have just written that.

10. “Kiddo, Kidlet”


Sorry, I’m stealing this one. While I cannot bring myself to use “kiddo” without evoking my own personal version of a Norman Rockwell painting, “kidlet” sounds like it would go nicely with a side of fries. You’ve been warned.

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