Awesome Fan Art Reminds Us That There Aren’t Many Mothers In Disney Movies

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Disney fan art! And instead of turning the princesses into hipsters or supermodels, this contribution is focusing solely on the mothers, the unsung heroes of Disney films.

My friends, I’m going to admit something and you’re all going to have to attempt to control your outrage and contempt. I hope we’re all ready. Here it goes. I kind of hate Pinterest. I just don’t like it. Whew. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Now, that being said, Pinterest seems to be a veritable treasure trove of Disney fan art and adaptations of our favorite Disney characters. I mean, there are tons and tons of variations of your favorite Disney princesses on there. And since I happen to enjoy lots of Disney, I get sent a lot of Disney fan art by well-meaning friends and relatives.

One such piece of artwork that has made it in to my inbox no less than a dozen times is this awesome mural of Disney mothers at a tea party. I’ve received this illustration so many times that I finally felt the need to track it down and find out who made this obviously popular picture. I had to look no further than the go-to source for fan art, DeviantArt. The piece was made by contributor Jadeling and was actually an entry into a Disney contest back in 2009. It just goes to show you how pictures live forever on the internet.

The entire concept of capturing Disney moms is interesting to me, mostly because mothers are very absent from the films. If you look at the main princesses before 2009, only Aurora and Mulan actually had mothers appear in their movies. Cinderella and Snow White had evil stepmothers as villains, who don’t really count. The rest of the princesses’ mothers just weren’t there at all.

As you can see here, Jadeling had to dig deep into the Disney vault to get enough mothers for her piece, even going to prequels of movies like The Little Mermaid to find moms for her tea party.

To help you see the characters and their quotes, I broke the mural down into panels. Scroll through them, and then cuddle up with your little ones and your favorite Disney mom for a little Sunday movie time.