Jay-Z Rents $1 Million-A-Year Nursery For Blue Ivy Because He Can

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shutterstock_97085981I live a couple blocks away from the new Barclays Center. It looks like a rusted ship wreck.  The traffic in my neighborhood is ridiculous, and the rents have gone through the roof since it was built. But I’m not a hater or anything.

Jay-Z is part owner, so it only makes sense that he would rent the most expensive nursery on the planet for Blue Ivy so he and Beyonce can take in a game while their daughter naps in the lap of luxury. According to Us Weekly, Jay rents a VIP suite in the basement of Barclays Center that doubles as a nursery for their little gem. The rent is $1 million a year. Only the best for Blue Ivy!

Look, he has a ton of money and should spend it however he sees fit. This scenario just illustrates one of the reasons that New York is so weird. You have extreme luxury existing in the same area code as total poverty. The projects where he grew up are still filled with tenants who can’t get their windows fixed and their heat turned down. They are in walking distance to this arena that houses the million dollar VIP suite aka Blue Ivy’s nursery. The world is a strange place.

I bet the story is a little over-blown. Obviously he rents it to party with his famous friends that don’t want to be bothered by the common folk. I’m sure they just happen to have an area with toys in it because they do have a child. I seriously doubt it’s main function is to act as Blue Ivy’s nursery. I have to tell myself that, because if this infant gets a million dollar nursery for the sole purpose of napping in it every few months and I can barely make my rent a couple of blocks away – I just give up on the world as a whole.

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