8 WTF Father’s Day Gifts Courtesy Of The Internet

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shutterstock_136081736Good morning and Happy Father’s Day! As you read this, my husband will be happily snoozing, as was his number one request for Father’s Day this year (well, after all of the amazing gifts from this list). I will be up with the kids, doing last-minute Father’s Day card signing, bacon making and coffee brewing. I love to do nice things for my husband on Father’s Day because I think he’s amazing and deserves to be recognized. Apparently, I am not alone in this feeling as the internet was hopping this week with crafty and adorable Father’s Day gifts you can make yourself or just purchase online. Among these precious ideas, there is also more WTF than you can shake a stick at. At this point, the dye is cast- no time left to buy any gifts. But for your own entertainment, please enjoy the eight best (worst) examples of WTF Father’s Day gifts:

1. The Abhancer



Although I have to applaud it’s time saving potential, I have to think this gift would not be appreciated by most fathers. Not a hint they want passed on while working on that third hot dog.


2.Mummified Hand Butt Scratcher

Of course Dad Lore would tell us that if there is one activity all dad’s enjoy it’s butt scratching. And why soil your own pristine fingers when you can use this beauty?


3. Creepy Daddy/Daughter Pendant


In the spirit of the Creepy Mom’s of Boys quotes we discussed earlier this week, behold- a gift for the Creepy Dad in your life! Ugh, the vomit chunks are rising.


4. Beef Jerky Undies

Let’s be real, ladies. This is really a gift for us, amirite?


5. Baby Hjolster

So baby can be right next to daddy’s gun, I guess? Either way, I’m enjoying the Bjorn wordplay.


6. Pretend Tattoo Sleeve


For the dad you know who cannot commit to a real sleeve of tattoos. Or is too big of a pussy.


7. Hot Dog Toasting Holders


Not sure what man would find the notion of burning wieners funny, but yes. This exists.


8. Maxi Pads

For those heavy flow days.

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