Worst Son In Florida Rubs Dog Poo On Mom’s Face After Vodka Incident

The competition for worst son of the year is over. And it’s only August. But yesterday cops arrested William Jenkins, 22, after a domestic dispute involving vodka, feces and battery.

Jenkins and his mother live together in Palmetto, Florida. She says that her son asked for a shot of vodka and she declined to give it to him. He became aggressive and pushed her. Some time after that, the mother’s dog relieved himself on the porch of the house. She asked William to clean it up while she cleaned inside the house. He came in and said it was done. She looked and saw that it was still there so she asked him to pick it up. He said he wouldn’t do it until he got a shot of vodka.

What kind of monster of a mother won’t give her petulant 22-year-old son a shot of vodka, I wonder?

Anyway, this is where things got really sick. He allegedly picked up the feces with his bare hand and rubbed it in his mother’s face. So she tried to leave for the neighbor’s house. He grabbed her, she says, and pushed her to the floor. She got back up, took off for the neighbors and called the po-po.

For his part, Mr. Jenkins said he didn’t push her but did admit to rubbing dog crap on her face. Because she yelled at him.

Sounds like a real healthy family environment there in the Jenkins household.

(Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

Might want to work on some improved communications strategies and decision making skills.

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