Woman Sues After Breastfeeding Video Gets Pornified

New Jersey mother MaryAnn Sahoury was simply trying to help other mothers with breastfeeding. That’s why she agreed to participate in an instructional video about how to nurse your child. But after the video made its way to porn sites, and now she’s suing the producer of the original video:

”Breastfeeding for me was the most rewarding thing I had ever done in my life,” Sahoury told NBC 4 New York. ”I wanted to share that with people. I wanted to really give back.”

The video was put together by Meredith Video Studios, part of the Meredith Corporation. Before the shoot, Sahoury said the videographer told her the footage would only be used for the educational video.

But the video was posted to YouTube and then, to Sahoury’s horror, taken by a third party, who manipulated it and posted it to several pornography websites.

Ugh. Can you imagine? I would be so disgusted if my attempt to help women breastfeed was exploited for some bizarre nursing fetish. She also says she was promised her last name wouldn’t be used in the video, but it was. But is the videomaker to blame for the use by porn sites?

Last week, a judge ruled that the lawsuit can proceed. Meredith Video Studios issued a statement:

Meredith was appalled to learn someone misused a video meant to help new mothers. We took immediate action, hiring leading law firms and online specialists to file take-down demands, clear online caches and create positive references. We took these actions even though Ms. Sahoury signed a release authorizing use of the video across all media platforms, and holding Meredith harmless for any potential misuse of the video by a third party.

Unfortunately the porn world is willing to cross any and all boundaries of decency in pursuit of objectifying women, feeding the self esteem losses in men, and profit. No lawsuit will stop it.

Photo: SvetlanaFedoseyeva /Shutterstock)

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