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10 Things I Will Never Get To As A Work-At-Home Mom

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6. Keep Current On Laundry


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How hard could it be?? Just wake up and throw a load into the washer! Where it will sit until 5pm because I know I will forget about it.

7. Cut Coupons


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I am the absolute worst with coupons and consider myself a success if I leave the store with everything I need regardless of it’s cost. I really want to try to make time each week to shop for sales and clip coupons but in reality, I know it won’t happen. There goes $12 each week that I could be spending on my theoretical “coffee with friends”.

8. Put The Kid’s Baby Books Together


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Hahahahahahahahaha. Never happening.

9. Get A Jump On Christmas Shopping


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I think the local Target employees recognize me as the lunatic woman hunting down the season’s hottest toy and seven rolls of wrapping paper on December 23rd, panting and out-of-breath. I am really hoping to fit in a few early shopping trips this year but, lazy.

10. Learn How To Be Crafty


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I have fantasies of spending my evenings knitting something adorable but I’m sure my evenings will just be 19 Kids and Counting re-run marathons and a glass of wine, like usual.

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