This Illustrator Drew Wonder Woman With Body Hair, and a Lot of People Freaked Out

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“Yikes! Im old fashioned. Smooth legs please. I understand its a pain in the ass for women. But not a fan of unshaven. But to each their own,” one commenter said.

“Like it’s just kind of vulgar to draw Wonder Woman with hairy legs it’s like drawing a guy with excessive pubes,” another opined

“just because somethings natural doesn’t mean it’s not disgusting,” one commenter snapped.

“Fucking ew, but i’ll respect your decisions on you art, what do i care. Nowadays if you don’t like a thing, it automatically makes you a hater, like you can’t not like something that’s gross to you. People need to get over themselves,” said a person who thought their opinion was worth posting publicly on an artist’s page.

A man once told me that unshaved legs or underarms on a woman was an issue of basic hygiene. But that’s clearly not true. If it were a hygiene issue, men would do it too. It’s not a hygiene issue, it’s a purely aesthetic issue.

Still others really liked the series.

“What’s the problem? Don’t Amazons have armpit hair like all the other Greek gods?”

“I love how pissed a lot of people are by this. Great art btw”

Nobody’s going to tell Wonder Woman what to do, and that includes shaving, if she doesn’t want to.

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(Photo: Instagram / Raichu.Copper)

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