In Heartbreaking News, A Woman Was Found Pushing Her Dead Toddler On Swings For Hours

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I hate to write about heartbreaking stories, things that will undoubtedly make myself and readers sad. But something about this story tugged at my heartstrings while simultaneously breaking it at the same time. On Friday morning, a mom was found in a Maryland park despondently pushing her toddler in a swing over and over again, at around 7 a.m. The local sheriff’s office stated that a resident called in about the woman, who they say very well may have been pushing the child since the night before.

When officers arrived, they said it was very clear that the child had been dead for several hours. She had been seen by witnesses pushing the child the day before, but it is unknown if the child was alive at that time. It’s important to note that the cause of the child’s death was not immediately known, and that no obvious signs of trauma are being reported. An autopsy report will hopefully reveal more information. The mother has been hospitalized for a medical evaluation, and, as of now,  has not been charged in connection to the child’s death.

While we don’t know what really happened here, it’s hard not to feel brokenhearted on behalf of this mother and her child. Maybe she had something to do with it, I don’t know. But maybe she didn’t. My gut says no, but that might be the hopeful mom-to-be coming out. Either way, this story demonstrates the unhinged depths of grief and denial and what seems like post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s so, so sad you guys. It doesn’t even seem real. Assuming nothing more sinister is behind this story, I wish nothing but health and healing (lots of it) for this poor woman who lost her child.

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