Woman Defines ‘Persistence’, Cuts Off Cheating Husband’s Penis Twice

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cutI am a law-abiding citizen and not one who is well-versed in sharps-related punishments, but I would think that after you cut off your husband’s penis the one time, he would get the message that you frown on his extracurricular activities. To do it twice in a matter of days is like adding extra exclamation points at the end of a sentence: unnecessary.

32-year-old Fan Lung, a married father of five in China, is not what I’d call “clever.” His 21-year-old wife Feng Lung discovered that he was cheating on her after finding an email from Fan to his mistress on her phone. See, he was using Feng’s phone to contact the other woman, and forgot to log out of his account when he was done.

Honestly, Fan.

Feng was understandably pissed, but maybe should have called a girlfriend or gone for a walk or watched a Sex And The City marathon or anything other than what she did next, which was to cut off her sleeping husband’s penis with a pair of scissors.

Now, you would think this would be the end of the story, right? Because it couldn’t get worse from there, could it?

It could.

Fan was taken to the hospital, where doctors were able to reattach his penis. Things were looking up for Fan for a couple of hours, till Feng snuck into his recovery room and cut off his penis a second time. And then she threw it out the window.

(From Feng Lung’s resume: I am persistent, dedicated, and a hard worker, who won’t quit until the job is done. I am also not afraid of blood.)

Fan had clearly had enough of this whole penis-cutting thing at this point and chased his wife out of the hospital and into the street, where hospital staff found them fighting. What they didn’t find, however, was Fan’s penis. From the New York Post:

Despite desperate search efforts, authorities were unable to find Lung’s manhood. Police believe it may have been stumbled upon by a stray dog or cat.

Lucky day for stray animals in China, super unlucky day for Fan Lung.

Feng has been arrested and charged with committing “grievous bodily harm.” Fan is in stable condition, and his girlfriend plans to marry him as soon as possible.

Ain’t love grand?

(Photo: Vadim Georgiev / Shutterstock)