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Aston Villa Football Club Donates 850 Unused Staff Meals To Homeless After Coronavirus Cancels Game

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Aston Villa Football Club Donates 850 Unused Staff Meals To Homeless Shelter After Coronavirus Cancels Game

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The Coronavirus crisis may have a lot of us feeling hopeless, but there’s still good to be done in the midst of a critical outbreak. The Aston Villa v. Chelsea soccer game was canceled in hopes of limiting the spread of COVID-19 which meant the 850 staff meals and extra hot food that had already been prepared and packed were going to go to waste if people didn’t act fast. But instead of tossing the lunches in the garbage, Aston Villa sent out a tweet.

“850 staff packed lunches and hot food for tomorrow’s postponed game is being donated to support homeless charities,” they wrote. If your organisation is interested and able to collect food from Villa Park by 4.30pm today, please contact the @AVFCFoundation.”

In just over one hour, the soccer club reported that all meals had been allocated to go to different shelters in and around Aston, Birmingham.

Fans were moved by the club’s generosity, sending kind words to Aston Villa. “Every cloud has a silver lining,” one fan wrote. “A wonderful humanitarian gesture,” said another.

Sure, there are people hoarding toilet paper and fighting in Sam’s Club’s wine aisles, but Aston Villa’s gesture serves as a good reminder that there are still good things happening in the world. There are people who want to do right in the middle of the health crisis that is the Coronavirus pandemic and we are so here for it.

Stay safe, everyone!