Who Knew Refrigerators Were Inscrutable To Men?

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I have never viewed refrigerators as mysterious or particularly difficult to understand. You can organize them however you like, of course, but generally speaking we put food on different shelves, and then retrieve them for consumption at a later moment in time.

But somehow, this contraption from the future is far too much for my husband to handle. I thought of this as our nanny just announced to us that she’d found the almond butter my husband was repeatedly asking about. It was on the shelf in our not-even-mildly-crowded refrigerator. This almond butter incident was only the latest. See, my husband asks me for guidance finding everything from leftovers to proteins to vegetables. Every day. This even though they’re always in the same place. He’s totally capable and intuitive in all other things, so I found this trait to be intriguing.

But then I came across the following book trailer for a new release from Jenna McCarthy. The plot thickens, as you see:


Her book, titled “If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon” is about the fun of marriage. And from this book trailer I learned that this wasn’t just my husband! Apparently a whole host of men find refrigerators to be inscrutable! Who knew? I certainly did not. What is this about? I’m not even complaining, really. I’m just really intrigued. What did they do prior to marriage? Was every trip to the refrigerator a surprise? A mixture of confusion and pain? Inquiring minds want to know.