Gallery: The Best Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family

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In case you weren’t as lazy as my family weekend, let me tell you that ABC Family is having an awesome week of Halloween movies. After our daughter went to bed, my husband and I cuddled up to a little Addams Family which got us seriously in the mood… for Halloween! Even though our costumes for this year are pretty much set in stone, we both decided that dressing up at the most awesomely kooky family of all time would be a great way to spend October 31st! And it’s really large-family-friendly, when you consider the grandma, Uncle Fester and Cousin It. Someone could even be Crazy Debbie! Honestly, the more I think about these costumes, the more determined I am to make my family dress up as the Addams family at some point in time in my life.

Group costumes can be a great way to get everyone involved in the holiday.  My three-year-old is pretty determined that our whole family has to match costumes so that we all fit in together. And if you think that deciding on one costume is difficult, just try getting your whole family to agree on a theme!

Hopefully, these ideas will make it a little easier. And please, tell us the great family costumes you guys have come up with for this weekend!