YouTube Is Rolling Out a Whitelisted Version of Their Popular Kids App

Well, it’s about time! Following the controversy surrounding the inappropriate content that found its way onto the YouTube kids app, the social media and video sharing platform has announced some changes. They will be releasing a whitelisted YouTube kids app in just a few weeks. The new version of the kids app will feature content that has been moderated by actual human beings. Hopefully this means an end to Peppa Pig after dark videos.

YouTube can be a hot damn mess, and when the kids version was released, it seemed great! Until the seedy underbelly of YouTube made its way to our kid’s iPads.

A kid would find a seemingly innocent video, then several more would line-up in the “Because You Watched” queue. And inevitably, a kid would click those. Some would be fine! But others would be filled with violence, sexually inappropriate situations, and really kid-unfriendly language. Thousands of channels popped up that looked like they were posting kids content. But in reality, the videos would be regular kids cartoons edited to extremely not for kids.

The new whitelisted YouTube kids app is aimed at putting an end to videos where Peppa calls her dad an asshole.

The algorithms on regular YouTube just don’t work for the kids version. So the new kids app will be curated, and all content will be moderated by actual human beings. The old kids version will still be available, giving parents a choice in how they want their kids to view content. But really, unless you’re sitting down right next to them watching those ridiculous unboxing videos, you’re going to want the curated version.

The new whitelisted YouTube kids app will be available in a couple of weeks. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that they will be adding as many as 10,000 moderators to keep this version suitable for kids. Let’s hope it’s effective.

(Image: YouTube Kids)

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