Blue Ivy’s New Cradle Shockingly Not Made Of Solid Gold

The much-anticipated birth of Blue Ivy definitely had mere mortal parents feeling like second-class citizens as the Carters received the royal treatment. Despite Beyonce and Jay-Z’s impressive restraint at keeping their new bundle’s face off of a promotional perfume line, the baby girl is surely being treated like mini-royalty in the Carter home what with six nannies and a solid gold rocking horse. Yet, Blue Ivy’s new cradle is surprisingly modest.

Beyonce was spotted out in New York City picking up this princess-inspired wrought iron white cradle. The design appears pretty vintage and kind of Victorian what with those quaint white ruffles.

blue ivy cradleThe details appear intricate and stray somewhat from the tabloid media narrative of blinged-out baby Blue, what with diamond pacifers and jewel-studded mobiles. Yet, who knows what Bey has planned when she gets this number back to the homestead. For all we know, this demure cradle could be merely a canvas in its present state — a simple base for gold-threaded pillows, custom silk lining, and ruby accents.


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