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Open Thread: What Is Your Biggest Fear, And Would You Go On TV To Try And Overcome It?

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shutterstock_203349748I am an anxious person by nature, though I don’t have a specific phobia. As a new parent, my anxiety levels have skyrocketed, and I am currently in therapy. I freak out about all of the typical parent stuff—SIDS, kidnapping, accidents—and then I also dream up ridiculous worst-case scenarios too. Oh, the joys of being a parent.

I don’t necessarily love admitting my biggest fear, but here goes. (And remember, the you show me yours if I show you mine rule applies here.) I am super-duper paranoid of my kids drowning in the bath. I think much of this has to do with all of the helpful parenting articles I read while pregnant, which constantly warn you of the many dangers that face a fragile, defenseless newborn babe.

I definitely think these articles are important, but now my kids are toddlers, and I can’t get the idea that they could drown at any time out of my head. My husband is patient 99% of the time, but he still gets frustrated with me when I excessively check the bathtub and bathroom door before bed. He also points out to me that it is impossible for our kids to fly out of their cribs, open several doors, turn on the bathwater, and drown without us hearing it. Of course, logic hardly makes sense in the face of my irrational fear.

So, please make me feel better about my personal paranoia. What is your biggest fear? Don’t hold back. I found myself thinking of fears and phobias after I was emailed by betty television production company of London, England, which is currently making a new series for Discovery International with balls-to-the-wall adventurer Bear Grylls.

betty emailed me because they are carrying out a worldwide search for people who want to overcome a personal challenge or obstacle. I was totally in, but I didn’t think my annoying parenting fears qualified as TV-worthy phobias.

If you’re interested, here’s more information about taking part in the show:


The sensitive series sees Bear travel to a wild and remote location with a travel companion, who has a personal challenge they wish to overcome. These companions are not survivalists themselves, but rather real people who have stories to share and the urge to overcome their individual hurdles, to regain confidence within themselves.

They are looking for people who have been struggling with a fear or phobia (whether this is a fear of heights, insects, water, darkness or claustrophobia etc.), or someone who is generally unhappy with their lifestyle and in desperate need of a change – be it obsessive behaviours or unusual eating habits (e.g. OCD, picky eating) – they would love to hear from people who are willing to face their fears and issues head on to make a change. Each episode will aim to achieve the impossible and hopefully change someone’s life for the better through determination and courage. 

The team are working with a full support network on location and a medical professional and psychologist will also be on hand throughout filming. Duty of care to contributors is of utmost importance. If you are held back by a fear, phobia or personal challenge and want to find out more about this exciting opportunity, please call or email Nicola: [email protected] | 02072900204

But I still want to know, what’s your biggest fear, and what have you done to cope with it? Also, who’s down to drink their pee with Bear on TV?

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