LG Electronics Releases Tracking Device For Kids And You’ll Want One

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LG Kizon Tracking Device This is hilarious you guys. I need to get one of these for everyone in my home, including all of my kids and my husband. LG has released a new tracking device that sort of looks like a bracelet (There’s a Hello Kitty version!) that lets you track someone’s whereabouts throughout the day on a smartphone or tablet using software in the device with GPS and Wi-Fi. It’s like mircochipping your people without getting it implanted on them! SIGN ME UP!  From CNet:

In addition to child tracking, Kizon also doubles as a way for parents and their children to communicate via a “One Step Direct Call” button. If a parent calls their child and there’s no answer, Kizon will automatically connect the call and let the parents listen to what’s going on with a built-in microphone on the device.

Kizon will go on sale in South Korea on Thursday and will debut in North America and Europe in the fall.


This is exactly like the technology I had growing up where my parents told me if I didn’t call at a certain time I would be grounded forever! There is no information on how much this costs yet but I hope it’s affordable, because even though I would enjoy stalking all my people I don’t want to pay a lot of money to do it. I know that you can sort of do this with a normal cell phone but what fun is that plus I don’t want to get my younger kids cell phones yet because I’m a mean mom. I would much rather slap a cute little device around their wrist and figure out the best way I can use that calling feature to interrupt them when they are having out with their little friends. I so wish this came with a built in camera.

I think this will revolutionize free-range parenting and latch-key kids because you will be able to track exactly where your kids are going, instead of having to call them and rely on them to tell you the truth and not that they have actually stopped at a friend’s house to play video games. I love this. I don’t know why, but I’m sure I can figure out a way to utilize this to embarrass my teenager somehow.

(Image: LG Newsroom)