Wendi Deng Defends Her Baby Daddy Rupert Murdoch With Left Hook

During the across-the-pond spectacle of Parliamentary hearings into the British tabloid scandal, things just got fierce. Parliament is investigating News Corp., the powerful media firm that owned News of the World. That’s the tabloid that was busted for a wide-ranging phone hacking scandal where reporters would intercept voicemails for journalistic gain. The story is mostly only of interest to the British and journalists.

But something just happened that will forever please the Cable TV outlets looking for an exciting angle to a somewhat boring day of testimony. Apparently a British “comedian” and anarchist smuggled in a shaving cream pie or something to the hearings. And he went after Rupert Murdoch, the man rival media outlets and the left love hate (he owns the powerful FOX News and Wall Street Journal among many other holdings). “It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat.” Marbles tweeted prior to his attack.

Anywho, his wife Wendi Deng, the lovely woman in the dusty rose jacket sitting behind him, hauled off and hit the man. Here’s ABC’s image from that moment:

My husband tweeted in response:

Not that I need defending, but pretty confident my wife would pull a Wendi Deng if the situation arose.

You’re darn right, babes. But while I encourage him to turn us into billionaires who control the world, that path to success better not include any tabloid ownership, much less a phone hacking scandal.

Murdoch and Deng have two children, according to the never-wrong researchers over at Wikipedia, Grace Murdoch (b. 2001) and Chloe Murdoch (b. 2005). Which means that their Dad was in his 70s when they were born. Yowza.

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