Moron Gives Baby Weed, Posts Video To Vine, Is Hopefully Being Arrested Right Now

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Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.35.31 PMSome idiot took a video of a baby being given what looks like a blunt – marijuana wrapped in tobacco papers. The video is disturbing, and is just the kind of thing people like to share, so that’s exactly what happened. Someone reposted the Vine, and proceeded to receive the wrath of the Internet. I don’t think the reposter should be getting any flack for this – but there’s got to be a way to find this idiot, isn’t there?

Here’s the video:

From The Daily Dot:

The Vine in question appears to have first been uploaded to Vine three days ago by a user called @ChiefSmokes with the title “Wow fucked up parents smh”. The short clip of a toilet-sitting youngster being plied with cannabis by a maniacally laughing adult touched a nerve and sent the Vine viral, with over 33,000 shares on Twitter and 4,500 revines.

Vine user @NikoWavy reposted the video with a caption that made it obvious he didn’t approve. It was shared to Reddit, and within hours he was being reamed with angry tweets and Vines. It seems most people understood he didn’t take the video, but they didn’t care. The Daily Dot explains, “Posting content that people feel guilty for finding funny is a dangerous business.” Am I missing something? I don’t think he found it funny – nor do I think any of the people on Reddit who were trying to notify CPS in California did either.

Some commenters likened the video to a parent posing their kid with a bottle of beer. I don’t think that’s stellar parenting either – but it’s way different that teaching what looks to be a less than two-year-old how to inhale a blunt. The search is still on to find the person who took the original video. I hope they find the moron. This is just disturbing – and not the least bit funny. Maybe the sleuths at Reddit will find the person. As my editor just said, “they are like Scooby Doo.”

(photo: Vine)