Father Beats Daughters For Twerking Video – Internet Calls It Good Parenting

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Have you guys see the twerking videos that everyone is uploading lately? I wasn’t that familiar with twerking, until magical unicorn girl Miley Cyrus posted this bizarre and hypnotic twerking video:
[youtube_iframe id=”KrVxR6gAjvQ”]
And a gazillion others copied her, and now twerking is like the new Harlem Shake, so yay pop culture and whatever, I have dishes to do. But the bad thing, and this is really bad, and this is so amazingly bad I’m not even going to post the video here, because maybe I’m a baby or maybe I just don’t enjoy watching kids being beaten and I cried, is that some monster father posted a video of himself beating the hell out of his daughters for posting a video of them twerking on Facebook. With an extension cord. With his daughters screaming and sobbing. And the Internet LOVES it!

The Internet finds it hilarious, and applauds the dad for his “good parenting” and it all makes my heart hurt so much.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.09.49 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.09.38 AM


Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.09.19 AM


Please keep in mind, from what I know, these girls were just dancing in this video. It may have been in a “sexually provocative” manner, but they were dancing. They weren’t doing drugs, or torturing animals, or raping anyone. They were dancing. If you must, you can view the video here, but please be warned, it is  ugly, and awful, and heartbreaking.

I don’t believe in hitting kids. I especially don’t agree with what this father did. The correct reaction would be to maybe sit down with your daughters and explain to them you feel posting videos like that is inappropriate and ask them to remove them. Or take away their Facebooks. Or ground them from using the computer for a while. Not to beat them with an extension cord until they are howling in pain. I don’t understand how anyone can feel this constitutes good parenting, especially coupled with the fact that the father is screaming “Motherfuckers” at his daughter while they cower in the corner as he hits them.

This guy isn’t a “good parent.” He’s an asshole who needs anger management classes.

And we have what I would call a Happy Ending update to this awful story here. Even though some of you will be sad about this news.

(photo: You Tube)