So Now Pregnant Fatty McFat Kim Kardashian Is Hitting The Gym Too Often

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Kim Kardashian weight gainPregnant Kim Kardashian can’t win. Now that she’s barely showing, concerned bodysnarkers are swooping in to comment on what the Daily Mail has backhandedly described as her “growing curves.” But in the proper and fairly standard bookend to such Fatty McFat coverage, now the rags are leaning in to say that Kim may be going to the gym too frequently. If it’s not one, then it’s certainly the other.

Daily Mail reports that Kim Kardashian revealed herself to be “terrified” over gaining “too much weight” whilst pregnant. And because she’s been photographed heading to the gym nearly every day — which has prompted a slew of fat-shaming jabs about her baby being in her ass — suddenly, reports are pushing a fiendishly working out narrative for KK:

But it seems that Kim Kardashian is so concerned about piling on the pounds while carrying her first child that she is pushing herself to attend the gym daily for punishing workout sessions.
Apart from two days last week when she was flying to Miami, Kim has not let a day go by without forcing herself to get a workout in.
Displaying her growing curves in fitted gym attire, Kim has been seen keeping her head down as she makes her way into the gym – apparently focused on pushing herself as much as possible inside the fitness center.
I give it only a few weeks before some rag starts pushing the whole “mommyrexia” “extreme dieting” narrative for this reality star. Considering that some were calling her a “beached whale” only yesterday, a burst of concern for her — dare I say — “shrinking frame” is perfect celebrity lady tabloid symmetry. 
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