Video: Soldier Comes Out As Gay To His Father Over The Phone

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DADT has officially been repealed today and to mark LGBTQ individuals now being able to serve openly in the military, one soldier decided to come out to his parents. The soldier sets up a video camera and tensely holds his iPhone, telling viewers that no one is his family knows that he’s gay.

The solider is stationed in Germany and hasn’t been to his hometown in Alabama in over a year. As his father picks up, the exchange is both stilted and gripping as the viewer knows what’s coming.

The conversation represents a new cornerstone to parents of LGBTQ kids, as the coming out discussion is an experience that unites both children and parents. This soldier’s exchange with his dad mirrors that of many queer children, as he confesses that he has always known that he’s gay and that he hopes his father will love him “no matter what.” Many lines from their conversation could have been plucked from homes all around the nation.

While the video stalls over various questions and stumbles into awkward silences, the father ultimately responds as all parents should.

[youtube_iframe id=”DVAgz6iyK6A”]