Wearing Your Breast Milk As Jewelry Is Apparently A Thing

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breast milk jewleryLast week, my mom, sister and I all went to take my nephew for his first haircut. He sat in the chair shaped like a train and gave the hairdresser an opportunity to practice cutting the hair of a moving target.  We left the kiddie salon with a picture and a lock of his hair for my sister to have as a keepsake. I’m assuming my sister will put the lock of hair in a scrapbook and not weave it into a bracelet that she can wear.

There are some moms, however, who are looking for more tangible reminders of their children. Moms who are looking for a little something to remember their time breastfeeding can now own jewelry made out of their own breast milk.

The online marketplace Etsy has a couple of different options for mothers who want to immortalize their “mommy milk” in the form of a locket or bracelet:

 A couple purveyors, both moms, said in interviews that they hit on the idea as they sought out unusual keepsakes of their special bonds with their babies during nursing.

The two would not reveal their recipes for processing the milk, which is covered with a glaze or clear resin after it is plasticized or dehydrated, forming a clay-like substance that hardens over time when at least one method is used.

These hip breastfeeding moms have two choices: They can buy a kit and do the jewelry-making themselves. Or they can send their milk to the jewelry designer who will plasticize the milk and then incorporate it into a pendant or locket for Mom to wear.

As someone who is easily skeeved out, wearing any sort of bodily fluid whether plasticized or not doesn’t sit well with me. I know many mothers relish the bond that breastfeeding their babies creates and miss it when the child stops  — but aren’t the memories of that enough?  I guess not, since one of the Etsy designers has sold over 200 pieces in the past year.

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