Video of a Kid’s Gross, Chunky Milk Reminds Everyone How Awful Cafeteria Food Can Be


The above video is so repulsive it should not be watched while eating, which is unfortunate, because it is a video of the food some kids were actually eating last week when a couple of high school kids discovered that their milk was thick, chunky, and grotesque in the most stomach-churning way.

School lunches are known for being gross or unappetizing, but milk seems like it should be safe. It comes conveniently packaged in individual servings, and as long as it’s kept cold and sold before the sell-by date, everything should be fine. But this carton of chocolate chunky milk was decidedly not fine, despite being the proper temperature and not yet at the sell-by date.

The kids were eating lunch at an unnamed Catskill high school when one kid noticed his chocolate milk was basically solid in the carton. Sensing the possibility for a shareable gross-out video, he recorded the horror as he overturned the carton of grotesque, chunky milk onto his lunch tray and it came out in a thick, viscous sludge.

“That is fucking disgusting,” one of the other students mutters. He’s not wrong.

“Are you posting that to Snapchat?” his friend asked.

“I’m posting that shit everywhere,” he said.

According to Foodbeast, the video credits have been removed, possibly to protect the kids from getting in trouble.

Of course some commenters on YouTube are blaming the kids and their parents, insisting that they should just bring their own food. A couple sanctimonious mothers swear up and down that they will only make home-made food for their kids, not let them eat “this processed crap.” But that’s ridiculous. It’s a carton of milk from school. Kids should be able to drink milk at school without it being lumpy and gross. Even the crunchiest of parents usually don’t have a problem with their kids getting milk from school. Milk needs to be kept cold in a way that a turkey sandwich does not, so plenty of parents who make their kids’ lunches every day have no problem with their kids buying milk at the lunchroom. Nobody expects milk to look like this, though.

Those kids should not get in trouble for making this video, but it does need to get back to their school, because this is totally unacceptable. Someone needs to figure out what went wrong with this milk and how it got served to students, and then take steps to prevent it from  happening again.

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