Talk About Awkward Family Photos! Vanessa Lachey’s Baby Bump Is A Must-See

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We’re no strangers to seeings pregnant celebs tweeting out baby bump photos for all the world to see. In fact, Mommywood types are sharing everything from pregnancy cravings to actual baby pics via Twitter and, well, we’ve kind of grown used to it by now. That said, Vanessa Lachey‘s latest pregnancy pic left us howling.

I don’t think for one minute Lachey was trying to be funny or ironic, which is what makes the shot all the more entertaining. In fact, it looks like it’s straight out of Awkward Family Photos!

First of all, have you ever seen a shinier bump? I’m telling you, she used baby oil. I mean, look at that thing – it’s blinding! Second, check out Nick Lachey‘s expression. He looks like he’s ready to vomit. Plus, that fake smile just screams, “Shit! How’d I get into this mess?!”

“My Happiness… My Family! Ahh, My Boys,” the 31-year-old Wipeout host wrote along with the pic. Their first child is due in September, and the couple has revealed it’s a boy (they’re thinking Colin John – C.J. for short – as his name). Back in March, Vanessa was as upfront as possible about wanting a boy, tweeting, “I just always envisioned a boy 1st to take care of his siblings.” (Yeah, that.)

We do wish this couple the best of luck but, man, that photo. It has totally made my morning.