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5 Really Bad Things You Did If You Were A Bad Ass Pregnant Lady

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shutterstock_162477797I was such a pregnant bad ass. Correction, I was a pregnant BAMF. The funny thing is that I have never been the kind of person who likes to defy authority, but I felt so BOGGED DOWN by every little thing I wasn’t allowed to do while carrying a child. What a freaking drag.

But I had the power of the Internet at my fingers. Just to be contrary, I decided to research everything on the pregnancy don’ts list that was about a mile long. SHOCKER—a lot of the stuff that you are supposed to avoid in pregnancy is total BS, the perfect fodder for wildly circulating Internet rumors.

I did some bad, bad things while I was pregnant, but not because I’m a negligent idiot. I actually decided to think for myself and research my choices extensively. There’s no such thing as a pregnant saint, and there shouldn’t be. You can still be a normal person and enjoy the majority of your favorite things in moderation while pregnant, as long as you make an educated decision and feel comfortable with your choice.

Maybe you’re bad like me. Here are five of the worst things I did while pregnant:

1. Drank alcohol.

I absolutely refused to give up drinking while pregnant. This is such a hot button topic that I did tons of research on it, and I still read light drinking pregnancy articles with interest. If you want to argue with me, go ahead. I had two delicious glasses of wine a week with research to back me.

2. Drank coffee.

My husband and I have owned a coffee and espresso e-commerce website for five years, and I am the primary content writer. I know coffee and caffeine research inside and out, so don’t try to tangle with me. Coffee is fine in moderation while pregnant, unless advised differently by your doctor.

3. Ate a butt-load of sushi.

I am almost at the point where I want to punch every pregnant woman on my Facebook newsfeed who whines about her martyr-ly sushi craving. Just eat it. Experts recommend moderation at two rolls a week.

4. Slept on my back.

I love, love, love sleeping on my back, even with an 8 pound baby strapped to my stomach. I read all kinds of dramatic articles about how this could be harmful for blood flow, but the ultimate consensus was that your body will alert you of any potential danger to naturally shift positions in the night. Good sleep is the top priority for all pregnant ladies, regardless of position.

5. Flew on a plane.

Turns out you can fly whenever you want, as long as airlines are okay with it. My midwife was fine with it too. Hello, third trimester weekend getaway!

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