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8 Hilarious Pregnancy Dancing GIFs That Will Amaze Your Eyeballs

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Contrary to popular belief, pregnant ladies are not weak and infirm. In fact, that was one of my main beefs with pregnancy—no one believed I could do anything normal. Sure, I appreciated people offering up their seats and holding the door open for me when I was huge and pregnant, but I also kept up with my fitness and went jogging a week overdue. (#humblebrag or #fact, you tell me.)

All that is to say—pregnant ladies can still be awesome. Unfortunately, I am the worst dancer in the world even without child, so I can’t imagine it being any different while pregnant. But the fun part about dancing when you’re pregnant is that you have a built-in dance partner. Hey-o! You also have the automatic respect of anyone watching you shake your money maker because you have an 8 pound bowling ball strapped to your belly. As a pregnant dancer, you win every time.

If you’re pregnant or are planning on getting pregnant, don’t forget to dance like a complete moron at your next social gathering. If there’s a wedding, do some kind of fancy baseball whistle with your fingers and make everyone clear the floor so that you can do the pregnant version of the worm. Think I’m kidding? I most certainly am not.

Pregnant ladies, you must dance. Don’t let your belly get in the way of a good time, I always say. Use these hilarious pregnant dancers as inspiration the next time you want to shake your groove thang.

1. Pregnant Break Dancer Is Da Bomb.

2. Classic Pregnant White Girl Dance.

3. Frightening Pregnant Belly Reveal Dance.

4. The Pregnant Strip Tease You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

5. Bad Ass Pregnant Gyrating Dance.

6. Pregnant Bump And Grind.

7. The Ultimate Pregnant Jazzercise.

8. And the pièce de résistance… The Pregnant IDGAF Dance.

(Image: Yeko Photo Studio/Shutterstock)