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Hilariously Irate Responses To The Vagina Cookie ‘Hoax’

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There are vagina cookies all over the internet and people are very disturbed.

It’s not real!

There’s no proof!

It’s a hoax! 

This isn’t journalism!

Every time I have written about baked goods shaped liked vaginas the story goes viral. Do you know why? Because it turns out people love looking at vaginas on the internet. And the baked goods version makes vaginas somehow okay to look at in mixed company; amongst friends and at work. We’re all used to looking at phallic things daily, so this is kind of a special treat.

Take that patriarchy!

I’m sure by now you’ve read the story that originated on Reddit about the second grade teacher who turned down an offering of delicious cookies frosted to look like vaginas. Just in case you haven’t, here is a recap:

Teacher’s class is doing great. Teacher agrees to let parents bring in treats on Fridays. One parent gets especially excited for the “opportunity” as she calls it, and delivers some exquisitely frosted cookies to teacher’s class. They look like vaginas. Teacher is disturbed. Mom is more disturbed, because she cannot for the life of her understand why you wouldn’t give a second grader a cookie with buttercream labia on it. We don’t have photographic evidence, so I use Pinterest to guess that they looked like this:



or this:


Pinterest/ createdbychance.blogspot

or this:



(Yes, I realize some of these are cupcakes – but these baked goods are hard to come by.)

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