This Unrealistic Bedtime Routine Chart Will Either Make You Laugh or Cry

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I think we can all agree that bedtime for kids is the absolute worst, right? The little darlings are never more riled up than right before bed. We all try to carve out some kind of bedtime routine, but life and work and kids being jerks really get in the way. Bedtimes are important, obviously, but sometimes sticking to a strict routine isn’t easy! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of handy chart to refer to, so you know when your kids should be in bed? Yes, yes it would. Unless it’s this chart, which is just completely bonkers.

The bedtime chart, which was shared by Creative Child magazine, lists the age of the child next to the suggested bedtime.

bedtime chart

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LOL at the 7 p.m. bedtime. At my house, we’re still having dinner at 7.

I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old. My oldest has dance class that STARTS at 7 p.m. some nights. Unless I’m putting the 3 year old to bed at the dance studio, she ain’t getting to sleep at 7:15. And to be perfectly honest, the earlier she goes to bed, the earlier she wakes up, and mama doesn’t do early mornings.

Commenters on the Facebook post were a bit confused by some of the suggested bedtimes. Many brought up the excellent point that a lot of families don’t even get home until after 6 p.m. So if they have a 2-4 year old, that leaves an hour for homework help, dinner, baths, and family time?

Obviously, kids need their sleep. But a good bedtime routine should work for your family, and not make your life MORE hectic.

Let’s also take into consideration that kids will usually do whatever the hell they want. Would I like my girls to go to bed at the same time every night? HELL YES. Do they care? Not even a little bit.

I don’t even care if my toddler actually goes to sleep after I put her to bed. If she wants to sit in her bed and play with her stuffies for an hour, more power to her. Just as long as she’s in her bed and not talking during my Netflix binge.

As much as I would enjoy quiet evenings alone with both kids in bed by 8:15, it just doesn’t work for our family and our schedule. I would rather have an extra hour with my girls at night, winding down and spending time together, than try to rush to them in bed at the suggested times. Not to mention the epic fight I would start by trying to put my kid to bed before the sun goes down. Bedtime routines and charts can be helpful, but as with most parenting choices, you’ve just gotta do what works for you and your kids. And let’s be real: getting your kids to bed earlier isn’t going to help you get more sleep either. That ship has sailed, friends.

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