10 Ideas to Celebrate the First Day of School for Excited Kids and Nervous Ones

The first day back to school is so hard on kids. Whether they are attending a new school or starting school for the first time or just entering a new grade, a lot of kids are bound to be nervous. It can be hard for kids to meet new teachers and make new friends, and even if they see some familiar faces in their class the first day is always met with a mixture of sadness over summer coming to an end and nerves over whether they will like their new teacher and sit next to someone nice and do well in their new grade. It can be a fun and exciting time, but who can blame these short, little humans for feeling a bit apprehensive? I sure can’t so, I have compiled a list of 10 ideas to celebrate the first day of school and make it seem a bit more celebratory than scary.

Make A Celebration Breakfast 

Special+Back+to+School+Breakfastjpg(Image: Gigglesgalore)

This idea is too cute. Giggles Galore even went so far to make a note for her child to read on the day of her high school graduation. Some cute printables and a simple muffin turns into a fun way to begin the first day of school. Or for those of you who are crafty with pancakes:


(Image: Mom To Two Posh ‘lil Divas)

 Send With A Cute Treat For New Friends 


(Image: Happy Home Fairy)

Happy Home Fairy has this adorable idea to send with your kid to hand out to friends.

And Who Doesn’t Love Cookies! 


(Image: Bunny Cakes)

You can find the free printable here and also the recipe for monster cookies.

Or Send With Something Adorable Yet Not Delicious 

ef1da7fdc1fb4198999109a63589e5e9(Image: One Charming Party)

One Charming Party has this great idea for wrapping pink erasers to look like candy. This is the first year I received a warning letter from my son’s school saying that parents aren’t allowed to send in anything edible (even store purchased candy!)  for class celebration or holidays or birthdays. I think I’ll have to compile a list of non-food type hand outs.

 Let Your Kid Interview Their Teacher 


 Yesterday On Tuesday has an awesome idea for kids who are a bit apprehensive about getting to know a new teacher, plus this handy list will make it easy when it comes time to send in a gift card for your kid’s teacher during the holidays.

Add A Little Affirmation To A Lunch 



Head on over to Pizzazzerie to get this free printable to add little treats to a lunchbox. I love how chic and graphic these are. I wish someone would make me a bunch just to have for when I fold laundry.

 Make Homework Time Uninterrupted 



I love this one so much! If your house is anything like my house, starting at about nine a.m. I have a constant stream of kids knocking on my door and sending my dumb dog, and my kids, into a frenzy. Skip To My Lou made these adorable signs you can print for free to let neighborhood kids know when your kid is available to play, or when they are working on homework. Ingenious.

 Make Sure You Grab A First Day Snap 



The Unlikely Homeschool has a cute idea for a first day photo using a chalkboard, or you could get super creative and do what Silverbox Creative Studio did with adding printed titles to book bindings for an amazing “Time Capsule” style pic:

Ideas To Celebrate The First Day Of School

(Image: Silverbox Creative)

And Pinterest user made her own first day of school pic, and she is obviously a mother after my own heart:


Send Them Off With A Little Extra Support 


Ramblings Of A Crazy Woman and her kindergarten daughter wrote on each other’s hands for the first day so they could be reminded they were thinking of each other. Awwwwwww!

 And For The Moms

Ideas To Celebrate The First Day Of School
(Image: Nordstrom)


And dads! Look at what I Heart Naptime made for the moms she knows for the first day. Because even though the first day can be hard on kids, most parents would love a chance after the bus leaves to drink some coffee together and discuss the upcoming school year. I will so do this, and hope that one moms brings with some Kaluha.

What are some ideas to celebrate the first day of school? Share in the comments!

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(Originally published: Aug 12, 2013; Image: iStock / bmcent)

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