Video: Try Not To Smile Watching This Girl’s Reaction To Her Cleft Palate Surgery

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Of the many worthy charities out there, those that work to repair cleft lips and palates of children in poor countries seem particularly awesome. The surgery to repair a cleft palate is relatively easy, but it’s hard to get in developing countries. So it’s awesome that doctors are willing to travel and perform these surgeries and make children’s lives much better in the process.

Anyway, even for a cynic such as myself, I couldn’t help but melt watching this awesome little video of a girl seeing the effect of her palate surgery for the first time. It begins with her showing the doll she puts in front of her face to keep people from looking at her deformity. Even with her puffy and swollen face and scar at the end, she is delighted with the repair.

So cool. The girl is adorable and her parents must be very proud. And thanks to the doctors who perform these surgeries! Here’s the video.