Brad And Angelina Manage To Wrangle All 6 Kids For A European Sit-Down Birthday Dinner

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brad and angelina World War Z premiere at Cinestar movie theater at Potsdamer Platz squareAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt officially need to write parenting books. Traveling the world with a brood of six certainly comes with its own array of unique parenting challenges. But getting six children to keep it together long enough for a sit-down restaurant dinner for Angelina’s 38th birthday is an international parenting feat heard around the world. Cookies for all involved parties.

E! News reports that the family caught dinner at the Kuchi Restaurant in Berlin after the World War Z premiere. A “source” maintains these kids were in a private room for a THREE-HOUR DINNER (so like 20 years in kid time). And before you start bragging about your own brats, keep in mind that this dinner started at 9:30 p.m. No bed-time cranky pants here:

“They ordered speciality ramen, dumplings and sushi. Brad loved the toro sushi. Angelina and Brad sat across from each other. They seemed very happy together,” the source added.

“The kids sang Happy Birthday to Angelina and a strawberry pudding cake was brought out.”

They seemed “very happy together,” despite being sandwiched between six kids under the age of 12 at close to midnight? What are these secrets? And how can I share them with half the families of New York City?

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