University Of Washington Lady-Hater Who Wanted To Be The ‘Next Elliot Rodger’ Arrested

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Student Who Claimed To Be The Next Elliot Rodger ArrestedHere’s something that will make you lose sleep at night. While every person on the planet is slowly recovering from the terror that misogynistic mass murderer Elliot Rodger brought upon the world, he had a nice little fan who was busy making threats online that he planned to do the same thing. From

The 23-year-old, who has not been charged, was ordered held on $150,000 bail Monday after a judge found probable cause to hold him for investigation of felony harassment, as KIRO Radio first reported.

According to court documents, the student drew the attention of local and federal agents after posting threats to commit “lewd and lascivious acts” in comments on YouTube, Google + and others websites.

Using the pseudonym “Foss Dark,” prosecutors alleged the student wrote in one exchange on June 5, “I am the next elliot rodger, and gues what ill do the right thing this time, ill make sure ill only kill women [sic].”


Now, before we see a mess of people, usually men, saying no one panic! This is just another person who is not a misogynist! They are obviously just mentally ill and they don’t really hate women! we need to keep in mind that this new dude posted things like:

“nothing can compromise for an ugly face and short stature, I will execute the same thing. I have no option [sic].”


Thankfully, law enforcement took these threats seriously:

With the assistance of FBI agents, University of Washington police began investigating the student after a June 9 post in which he identified himself as a Seattle resident and student on the campus after commenters told him to take responsibility for the crimes he planned to commit.

“I live in seattle and go to the UW, that’s all I’ll give you. I’ll make sure I kill only women, and many more than what Elliot accomplished [sic],” he wrote.

I hope this means that dudebros like the above think twice before threatening to kill women, but I also think they will still hold these black thoughts in their hearts and will just find new, more private ways of sharing them and plotting how they will execute them. Hate breeds hate. These guys hate women. They may be mentally ill, but they also hate women. I just hope the FBI keeps investigating threats like these and taking them seriously before more men kill.