Tim Burton Is Ruining Our Halloween By Allegedly Making Out With Someone Other Than Helena

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I hope this isn’t true because as a woman who knows NOTHING about Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter and their personal life I feel the need to stick my giant honking nose in their business and get all SAD face about the fact the Daily Mail has pictures of him smooching some woman person who is NOT Helena.


I don’t get all gooey over celebrity couples and parents that often, but I also thought they were so cute together and I love how they both have houses next to each other and were planning on buying a THIRD house to stick their nanny and two kids in, because what could be more awesome than having your kids live next door to you, where you didn’t have to live with them? They are not married, so I guess they are free to do whatever they want, and for all I know maybe they have some sort of arrangement and this is all no big, and if so, can we please see some snaps of Helena making out with someone else because that would ONLY be fair.

They just seem like such a perfect couple for me and I love the work they do together and it sucks when really cool, interesting couples split up so I hope that doesn’t happen.


I know I know I should not be bummed about this but I am anyway.

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