I Learned Something Awesome About Witches From My Mother-In-Law

witchesYesterday was a GOOD DAY with my MIL visiting and she was in a chipper mood, mainly because she liked the dinner I made because I am awesome like that. After dinner I was in the living room with my husband and I overheard her initiating a conversation with my teen son, which was awesome, because as I mentioned previously, she doesn’t really talk. And the conversation was so spectacular that I had to share it with you guys, mainly because it’s sort of Halloween-y and also, for lols.

Anyway, it went a little som’m like this:


Have you ever heard about those Salem witches?

Teen Son: 

You mean the young women who were burned at the stake and executed because in Massachusetts they thought they were witches?


Yeah. I heard something the other day where they thought they weren’t really possessed by the devil.

Thank you and goodnight!

I know I know I am a jerkface for mentioning this but I found it pretty funny and wanted to share with you guys because even though I am SO NOT HAVING ANY FUN WITH ANY OF THIS I thought it was pretty funny. Plus, it was a bonus because she talked to my kid! Plus, it’s breaking news! Witches may NOT have been possessed by the devil you guys!

Now you all get to share with me bizarre things you have heard from your elderly relatives so I don’t feel so alone. Old people say the darndest things!

And I am SO GLAD those girls weren’t actually, you know, possessed by satan and probably suffering from mental illness. Sort of a bummer they didn’t figure this out before they hanged all those women on Gallow’s Hill.

(Image: Tumblr)

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