10 Things You’ll Forget While Traveling With The Kids

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6. Enough snacks

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Somehow, taking your children on the road opens an all-consuming black hole inside their stomachs (and yours). It is not physically possible to pack enough food into a backpack, or even a mini-van, to last for an entire journey.

7. The nail clippers

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You might have packed them, but not anywhere you’ll be able to find them when your kid rips a vicious hangnail in the middle of I-80.

8. The dog

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Odds are good you’ll notice how quiet the car is just as you’re crossing into the next state. You knew you shouldn’t have put her outside for one last bathroom trip before leaving home, but you thought you’d be saving yourself a pit stop on the road. It’s okay, I’m sure she’ll enjoy spending her vacation in the backyard.

9. Enough layers

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Someone is going to wind up sitting directly under the airplane’s blowers, or right in front of the car’s AC vents, and their comfort is the necessary sacrifice to keep everyone else’s face from melting off.

10. Pacifiers

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Not for the kids – you’ll wish you had packed an extra one for you, to comfort yourself in the middle of another forgotten-item panic attack.

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