10 Things You’ll Forget While Traveling With The Kids

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Putting your children in the car, or, God forbid, on an airplane, is always a ticking time bomb against the all-important question: what did we accidentally leave at home this time? Here are the 10 things that inevitably fail to make their way into your suitcase, diaper bag, or backpack.

1. Socks

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It may not necessarily be socks. While you’ll have outfits packed for your kids for every day you’ll be gone, there is inevitably going to be some minor garment that falls under the radar: socks, underwear, undershirts. It’s okay, I’m sure no one at Disneyworld will be able to tell that your kids are going commando, except for how your kids will proudly announce it every seven seconds.

2. An extra package of Wet Wipes

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It doesn’t matter how many wipes you think are left in the package you start out with, you will find yourself pulling the last one out of the container within an hour of leaving your house.

3. One variety of diapers

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Regular diapers, overnight diapers, swim diapers – at least one of these will still be uselessly tucked away in the changing table just when you need them. Don’t feel bad, unless you actually forget to put a diaper on your child before cramming him into his car seat.

4. The iPad charger

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It will die with ten minutes of How to Train Your Dragon left and the screams of Vikings in battle will be replaced by the screams of furious four-year-olds.

5. Your kid’s lovey

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After waking up, shoveling breakfast in everyone’s face, and hitting the road ASAP in the morning, certain things get left behind. Certain things that will ruin your life when you try to put your kid to bed the first night away.

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