30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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RBG: a badass that brought home the bacon

Image: Instagram/ @kalanikillacky

She’s the notorious RBG. She’s also arguably “historical.” This isn’t because she lacks in importance but because she’s still very much alive. However, we know she’s without a doubt going to be a historical figure of monumental importance someday. Long before we knew her as a Supreme Court justice, Ruth was supporting her growing family with her work. In fact, she once resorted to wearing baggy, figure hiding clothing because she was afraid she’d lose her job as a law professor at Rutgers due to her second pregnancy. It worked out for her. She was eventually named the first woman faculty member in Harvard Law School’s long history.

When Ruth’s husband came down not once but twice with cancer, Ruth cared for him, the children, and the family’s finances. Ruth’s husband was also¬† lawyer. When healthy he managed much of the household and cooking responsibilities, finding that Ruth wasn’t necessarily as gifted in these areas as she was at the law.

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