30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Duct tape fixes everything

Image: Instagram/ @tchika_mag

Who invented duct tape? A woman, and a mother. Her name was Vesta Stoudt, and her two sons served in the Navy during the second World War.

Vesta realized, while working at an ammunitions plant, that the boxes she was packing were flawed. They were sealed with paper based tape and then dipped in wax for waterproofing. While this was fine at the factory, it was damning in the field. Under fire, soldiers had to dig for a pull the tab that released the tape. Knowing that time was of the essence, Vesta invented a fabric based tape that would keep boxes dry and closed but be easy to open with a knife. When her bosses quickly dismissed the idea, Vesta contacted the President. He saw her genius and gave Johnson and Johnson the go ahead to start producing her idea.

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