Something Smells Fishy: Teenagers Drug Their Parents Just For A Little Late Night Screen Time?

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teen girlsI don’t always assume that teenagers are the most thoughtful or logical of folks. Raging hormones and all that. But I generally believe that kids are smarter than we assume. They’re resourceful. They’re capable of doing really amazing things.

So maybe I’m over-estimating the intelligence of these California teenagers, but I feel like they’re pulling a fast one over on the authorities, not to mention their parents.

Two teenage girls claim that they were so desperate to spend a little time on Facebook and Twitter that they pulled off a movie-level ruse to bypass a couple of strict parents. The girls offered to pick up milkshakes for the parents, who normally forbid internet usage after ten p.m. Then, they spiked the beverages with prescription sleep medication, sending the two unsuspecting parents into a deep sleep, leaving the girls to spend hours looking up the latest Kardashian drama and posting kissy-face pictures on Instagram.

The parents were unsurprisingly suspicious, since most adults realize when they’ve been knocked out with narcotics. They took a drug test to confirm their fears and then turned the two troublesome young ladies over to the police and juvenile detention.

But seriously, we’re supposed to believe that these girls went through all of this just to spend a little time online? I was a teen once and I can guarantee that I wouldn’t incapacitate my parents just to hang out in an AOL chat room. (Yea yea, I’m old.) I might have tried it though if I wanted to sneak out of the house and do something way more important than sitting around on the computer with a friend.

If the internet was all these girls were after, why not just spend the night at the other girl’s house, where the parents were presumably more lax? What was so important online at midnight that they couldn’t talk about it in the afternoon? Honestly, it just feels like a whole lot of trouble for a rather small pay off.

Maybe I’m just a cynic, but this whole nonsense sounds a little suspect to me. If I were those parents, I would be looking into those hours and trying to figure out just what my kid was up to. I would also start purchasing my own beverages and keeping a close eye on the refrigerator.

Good to know that I have even more to fear as my daughter gets older. Pro tip: Never accept what looks to be a kind gesture from your kid. It might be poison.

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