Genius Teenager Rigs His Parents’ Phones So They Can Never Say No To Him

Parenting a teenager has got to be impossible. One moment you have these cuddly little babies and small children who have to do what you say, and then the next thing you know you’ve got an adult-sized person who does not want to do what you say and knows way, way more about technology than you do, and they’re pulling tricks like this one smart ass genius kid on Reddit who took his parents’ phones and rigged them so they could never say “no.”

Reddit user nasshole says he successfully got his hands¬†on his parents’ phones and changed the autocorrect settings so neither of them could say “no.” Now when his mother attempts to write “no,” she shouts, “HELL YES” instead. The results are predictably hilarious.


(Via Imgur)

Nasshole also evidently changed his father’s phone so when he tries to write “no” it comes out as “WHERE THE BITCHES AT.” Nasshole may have stretched the boundaries of believability with that one, and he’s certainly not actually getting away with throwing a party, but A+ for humor.

We’re never going to beat our kids when it comes to technology, though. There are small children who have figured out how to bypass parental controls on an iPhone by going through Angry Birds to access YouTube, which is a thing I did not know could be done. I thought I was pretty on top of things when I signed up for Twitter and Instgram, and now there’s Snapchat and Slack and Venmo and it’s like … what? I am so old. I remember my parents trying to set up parental controls when I was a teenager, and their efforts were laughable. Did they think I did not know that their password was “0000”? One time I pranked my father by changing the screen saver on his computer to depict scrolling messages, and he had to call IT to fix it. Little did I know that someday I would be on the other end of that.

Someday that’s going to be us trying to keep our kids off the Intenret while they run little digital circles around us. We might be tech-savvy millennials now, but in no time we’re going to be surrounded by teenagers hacking our phones so we can’t say no, and we’re going to have to try to keep a straight face, which is going to be difficult because that’s actually pretty funny.

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