TGI Friday Open Thread: All My Teen Heartthrobs Looked Like Lady Boys

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bowieGrowing up, there were so many boys to swoon over as far as rock stars, movie stars, and teen heartthrobs. Who do young girls today have? Bieber? One Direction? Sparkle vampires?


I don’t know if it’s because I am old or because girls today have it sucky, but there are no decent famous boys to have crushes on. Back in the day we had Michael Jackson and Matt Dillon and Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life!

I’m even trying to think of who young gay girls can crush on and I guess they have slim pickins’ too.

I asked all the ladies in the Gloss and Mommyish office who they had crushes on when they were teens.

Koa Beck: David Bowie in Labyrinth 



Me too me too me too!

Meghan Keane 

I didn’t have a crush on anyone famous because I was too alternative but I had crushes on guys from local punk bands who played the drums.


Joanna:  Adam Brody 


Sam Escobar: Leonardo Dicaprio 


Carrie Murphy: Prince William 

Julia “Unexplained Downstairs Action” Sonenshein said she had a crush on: 

also any man who would pay attention to me, so REALLY my high shcool history teacher we played risk with him and another teacher it was erotic I think it paved the way for my history game-based sexual fantasies


which is why you NEVER ask Julia the simple question “what celeb did you have a teen crush on?”

She then sent me this gif.

I would also like to add Prince and Adam Ant and any other effeminate fancy dude to my list.

So who did you swoon over as a teen and who are your girls swooning over now? Go go go!

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