10 Reasons Your Toddler Doesn’t Want To Try On The Halloween Costume You Just Bought

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Pick when to host your Halloween costume trying on sessions carefully. While some kids love nothing more than trying on new goodies and modeling them around the kitchen, others are a little trickier, especially the toddler set. Make sure the nap has been banked, dinner eaten, and all daytime frustrations handled, because otherwise you’ll be looking at a whole mess of this come try on time:

1. Because I need to scream into this mirror

toddlerhalloween1(photo:  [email protected])

2. Because I don’t want to be a stupid pirate after all


(photo: heartlandart)

3. Because I’d rather try on this coat


(photo: Scott Hermann)

4. Because I’d rather endanger myself in the street


(photo: tataAnne)

5. Because I actually don’t want to wear any clothes right now

toddlerhalloween5(photo:  carrier)

6. Because I don’t want to take these off


(photo:  carrier)

7. Because why does he get to be the fireman?


8. Because doggy doesn’t have a costume


(photo:  Rhelynn)

9. Because I don’t want to wear this parttoddlerhalloween9

(photo: MrsBR00KSTER)

10. Because I fell


(photo: abbybatchelder)