Notorious Steak Knife-Toting Teen Girls Are Arrested After Randomly Assaulting And Stabbing Train Passengers

skytrainIn yet another story that is going to make my daily (and nightly commute) subway commute all the more terrifying, Vancouver authorities have arrested a 14-year-old and 15-year-old girl for pulling nothing short of A Clockwork Orange on the local transit.

The Digital Journal reports that the two girls were allegedly raising hell on the SkyTrain — complete with an eight-inch steak knife. This week, the kids allegedly started arguing with two other young women at the Gateway station in Surrey. One of the accused then stabbed one woman in the arm. And that was only the beginning of a series “unprovoked” attacks:

The girls then chased the other woman onto the train where one of the girls pulled a knife on the woman. The girl then began to stab an empty seat on the train. After the three got off the train in New Westminster, one of the teens punched the woman in the face. The teens then got back on the train.

When they left the train at the Joyce station in Vancouver, one of the girls stabbed a man. The man was holding a pizza box that he used to defend himself and a received a cut to his hand.

The perpetrators are described as “well known to Vancouver and transit police.” In the last 15 months alone, the girls reportedly have had “142 contacts” with authorities and been charged with numerous crimes that include robbery and fare evasion. This time around, they’re looking at a few charges including threats, assault causing bodily harm, and assault with a weapon.

Luckily, no victims have suffered serious injuries. Authorities are “in the dark” as to why the kids would randomly assault strangers on a Monday night.

A spokeswoman for the transit police, Anne Drennan, says that the problem with these two lethal troublemakers is that they’re let go following their arrests — and see no problem with doing more. At the time of their train attack, the girls had received a court order banning them from the transit system. But that didn’t stop them:

“…They get arrested and charged but what typically happens is they’re released on conditions. It’s extremely frustrating””we have asked this time around that at least the juvenile that used the knife be remanded in custody.” Drennan added the girls recruit other young girls to help them commit crimes on the transit system.

Do they wear little black bowler hats too?

(photo: Alan49 / Shutterstock)

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