A Remake of Splash is Coming, and You’re Really Going to Want to See This One

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Generally speaking, the readers of Mommyish are women of an age to agree with the following statement: Splash is the greatest movie ever made.

OK, even if you don’t think Splash is better than Velvet Goldmine or Casablanca, statistically speaking, you probably love Splash at least nostalgically. If it started airing on your TV, you would not turn it off. If you went on vacation to Florida and someone offered to let you swim around in a mermaid tail, you’d do it and you’d buy the souvenir photo. You’ve probably even seen Splash 2.

Suffice to say that Splash is great. And now Splash is getting a remake starring Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell. And wait for it … Channing Tatum is the mermaid.

When the Ghostbusters remake where the Ghostbusters would be women was announced, a certain segment of the dude population flipped their fedoras in outrage. They commanded us to put ourselves in their shoes and imagine how we’d react if a movie we loved as children was remade, but with the genders flipped. Well now that has happened, and I know exactly how I’d react:

According to Variety, Ron Howard will be involved in this Splash too, and everyone seems pretty excited about it. Channing Tatum will be playing the Daryl Hannah role, ie: a mer-kid who rescues a kid from drowning, falls in love with her, then comes back 20 years later to see her again.

Honestly, all signs point to this being totally amazing. Channing Tatum is, of course, a huge star. He seems like a cool guy and picks fun projects. If you put his all-sailor dance routine from Hail Caesar! on repeat, I would just sit in my chair and watch it until I eventually died from exposure, or more like whatever is the opposite of exposure.

Workaholics‘ Jillian Bell will be playing the Tom Hanks role, which utterly thrills me, because she is intense and hilarious and deserves to be a huge star.

I can’t wait for this movie to come out. In the meantime, I’m just going to have to watch the original over, and over, and over again. Someone come over. We should make this a party.